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About Us

Who are Your Ideal Gifts?

Your Ideal Gifts is an affiliate website created to showcase gift ideas for loved ones. Because we are an affiliate website, this means we may earn on products that have been sold via the products that you will find on our site, this helps to maintain and run the site. You can read our affiliate disclaimer here.

When did we start?

We started the website in 2016 as a way to create gift guides of products that you could buy for friends and family to celebrate all kinds of occasions.

Why gifts?

We love shopping for gifts to give and thought it would be easier to just look at the one website for gifts then visit a variety of sites so this is where the idea for the site started. We enjoy looking for gifts to add to our website, especially the gifts you can personalise as these days you can personalise so many products which creates such a thoughtful gift for someone.

Our future aim

We hope to continue to grow the website with gift guides and to add more gift ideas on our existing pages to bring our visitors even more choice of gifts.

Get in touch

Have a question about our website? Feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.