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Ping Pong Balls

Love a game of ping pong and need new ping pong balls? Well look no further! These balls can be personalised by you whether you wish to add your team name or add your company logo to promote your business, take your pick of the personalised ping pong balls below and customise! Do you play ping pong professionally or enjoy a friendly game with your mates? You can choose from a one star or three star ball depending on the type of game that you play and depending on the quality of ball that you are looking to buy, there are different options when it comes to the colours that are available.

We’ve featured designs suited for anyone who plays ping pong so whether you are after a ball to buy for your dad who loves a game to personalising one of these balls to include your best friends name, simply choose the design that you would like to personalise and head over to Zazzle to customise and buy. Aside from personalising one of these balls you can also create your own by adding your artwork and images to one of the product template below or choose one of these designs and fully customise using Zazzle’s very easy to use editor.

When looking at one of these balls over on Zazzle you will see a few different options including for an extra cost you can also buy glow in the dark ping pong balls for those night time tournaments which we think are brilliant! To go perfectly with these balls, check out these ping pong paddles that includes paddles that you can personalise too so why not buy matching paddles & balls!

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Personalised ping pong balls

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