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Ping Pong Paddles

Whether playing competitively or just for fun with friends, with ping pong you will need the right equipment from ping pong paddles to ping pong balls. On Your Ideal Gifts we’ve featured a range of ping pong paddles that you can buy from fun designs to buy for kids to custom paddles that you can personalise.

From personalised ping pong paddles that you can add a name or clubs name to to photo paddles that you can upload a meaningful photo to and give as a gift for any occasion. The paddles below can be bought for yourself to bring your A game or to buy as a gift.

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4-Player Table Tennis Set

A set of 4 table tennis paddles with ping pong balls inside a carry case. This table tennis set would be ideal for families.

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Table Tennis Bats with Carry Bag

Included in this ping pong set are 2 paddles and 3 ping pong balls which come in a storage bag.

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Photo ping pong paddle

A beautiful way to show off their favourite photo, replace the photo on this paddle with an image of your own. Whether that’s of their child to including a photo of yourself. This is also a great way to add a team photo with text overlaying with your team name if you play professionally.

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Red & black striped ping pong paddle

With red stripes and stars on the design, this cool looking ping pong paddle can be personalised to include any name. When it comes to personalising, you are able to customise further if you wish to use a different font for the name to changing the size of the text. You can change the style of this paddle if you would like to have red or black rubber on the other side or have the design in full print.

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Wreath monogram ping pong paddle

An elegant design featuring a faux gold wreath with an initial in the middle and name underneath. This stylish custom ping pong paddle is ideal for adding their initial and name to and is sure to up their game! You can choose to have the background colour of this paddle in either black or navy blue and you can customise the design further if you wish to change any of the text size or colour as well as the font that has been used.

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Comic book style ping pong paddle

A fun comic book style paddle that you can add their name to. This ping pong paddle is sure to stand out from the crowd and get plenty of great comments! Choose from either blue or black for the colour behind the comic book style design and change the style if you wish to have the other side of this paddle in either black or red.

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Striped name & number ping pong paddle

Choose the colour scheme you would like for this striped paddle from a few different options including red, blue, green and more then simply edit the text to include a special number and their name. This paddle design would make a great gift for any sports fan and adding their unique number and name makes it a thoughtful personalised gift to give. You are able to customise this design further if you wish to make changes to the font used for the wording to changing the text colour based on your chosen colour scheme.

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Ping pong champion paddle

Make sure everyone knows who the ping pong champion is with this personalised paddle that you can edit to include their initials and a special date. This design is on both sides of the paddle which you can change if you would like a black or red rubber backing on the other side. This champion paddle would make a great gift to give to any team member who recently won a tournament.

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Modern script font ping pong paddle

This paddle features the word ‘Mr’ in a white script typography with a name underneath that you can simply edit. Whether you are looking to buy this personalised paddle as a gift to your husband or for a friend, edit the design to include their name or customise further if you wish to add any additional text to changing the text colour or size for the name.

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Floral ping pong paddle

A beautiful personalised floral ping pong paddle, a lovely gift to buy anyone who loves playing ping pong or as a gift to say congratulations on winning a tournament. Simply personalise to include a name or short message and you can customise this design further to make any other changes like choosing a different font for the text to making the text larger or smaller.

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Monogrammed ping pong paddle

A simple yet elegant design on a paddle that you can personalise to include their initials. You can choose from either having baby blue or black for the background colour and feel free to edit the design itself if you wish to add any additional text. This paddle has a black rubber back which you can change to red if you wish.

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Monogram ping pong paddle

Personalised this monogram paddle with any name or initials you wish and either buy for yourself to use when playing ping pong to giving as a gift for a keen ping pong player. This paddle has a black and white monogram patterned behind the blue circle in the centre which contains the editable text. The back side of this paddle has a red rubber which you can change to black if you wish, this option can be found under the style option over on Zazzle.

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Whether you play ping pong for a local club and looking for the perfect paddles for you and your team to use which matching designs or looking for a paddle to buy for a friend who recently got into ping pong, we hope these paddles are perfect for your needs!

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