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Gift Ideas For Any Pokemon Fan

From Pokemon video games to TV series to even a popular app called Pokemon Go that we are sure you’ve heard of, Pokemon has become popular over the many many years and has millions of fans playing the games and loving the franchise. Whether you are looking for Pokemon gifts for kids or looking for personalised Pokemon gifts that you can buy for a loved one, this collection of gifts below would make the perfect gift to buy for any Pokemon fan!

Whether their favourite Pokemon is Pikachu or Charmander, these Pokemon gifts include many popular Pokemon on a variety of products including Pikachu t-shirts to an Eevee night light which you can also add their name to. We’ve handpicked to feature a variety of Pokemon gifts from a few different websites that we think would make a great gift to give.

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Pokemon Monopoly Board Game

A Pokemon addition of the popular family game Monopoly! Play as your favourite Pokemon and battle gyms and other Pokemon to win!

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Bulbasaur Pokemon Plush

An adorable Bulbasaur Pokemon plush! Aside from Bulbasaur, you can also buy many of the other popular Pokemon plushes like Charmander, Pikachu and Eevee.

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Pokemon Pokeball Hoodie

Does your child love Pokemon? We are sure they would love this Pokemon hoodie that features a design of Pikachu in different poses in a shape of a Pokeball. This Pokemon hoodie is available in a range of sizes for kids.

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Pokemon Pokeball 3D Mug

The perfect Pokemon mug, in a circular shape same as a Pokeball! Great for them to enjoy their favourite hot drinks in, this Pokeball mug would make a lovely gift to give when celebrating many occasions.

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Pokemon backpack

Covered with Pokemon characters, this Pokemon backpack would make the perfect accessory to buy someone who is a big Pokemon fan! From using this Pokemon backpack at school to wearing it when they are out and about playing Pokemon Go, this backpack is a Pokemon fan must have and has plenty of space inside for storing their belongings.

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Pokemon pixel t-shirt

A t-shirt to wear when catching them all! This white t-shirt features pixel art of the popular Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu and Squirtle with pokeballs and ‘Pokémon’ below. This men’s Pokemon t-shirt is available in a few sizes ranging from small to extra extra large.

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Pikachu 3D mug

Buy them their favourite Pokemon as a 3D mug! This Pikachu mug would make a great Pokemon gift to give or if you yourself love Pikachu, why not treat yourself!

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Pokemon stickers

Each pack of these Pokemon stickers contains 5 – 6 glossy vinyl stickers and you can choose the type of Pokemon you would like for these stickers from either grass, ghost or fire. There is also the option to buy all 3 packs if you wish, perfect for anyone who loves to stick stickers all over their belongings!

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Gengar memo pad

Ideal for writing down notes and messages, this Gengar memo pad is sure to come in handy and would be great to give to a friend who’s favourite Pokemon is Gengar! The design on this memo pad has the 3 evolutions of this Pokemon which are Gengar, Ghastly and Haunter.

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Pokemon Socks

A pack of 3 Pokemon socks, the perfect footwear to wear while out and about Pokemon hunting! This set of Pokemon socks includes designs featuring Pikachu, Charmander and Eevee and you have the option to buy in either small to medium size or large to extra large.

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Pokemon personalised print

Including many of the Pokemon characters, this personalised Pokemon print would make the perfect gift to give any child who loves playing Pokemon and you can make it even more special by personalising with their name. You can buy this Pokemon print in a few different sizes too depending on what you are after.

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Pokemon pin badges

8-bit style Pokemon pins that any Pokemon fan can attach to their bag when out and about Pokemon hunting! You can buy either just Ash or Pikachu or buy both pins.

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Pokemon bookmark

Make sure they never lose where they were in their book with their very own Pokemon bookmark and there are a few designs for you to choose from. Is their favourite Pokemon Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur? Each bookmark includes the Pokemon that each one will evolve into along with the theme of their power. Pick from the drop down provided the bookmark that you would like to buy or buy all 4.

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Slate Pokemon Coaster

Select the shape of coaster you would like from either round or square then choose the Pokemon you would like laser engraved onto the coaster. This Pokemon coaster would make a great gift for any Pokemon fan to use to protect their surfaces.

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Pokemon Pin Badge

An adorable pin badge with your favourite Pokemon! Choose which Pokemon pin you would like or buy all 4 and give as either a gift to an Pokemon lover or treat yourself if you are a massive fan yourself.

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Pikachu breakfast set

This Pokemon breakfast set includes a bowl and mug, perfect for any Pokemon fan to use to enjoy their breakfast! Both are in yellow and contains the best Pokemon there is, Pikachu!

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Personalised Pokeball iPhone case

This Pokemon iPhone case is available for many iPhone models and you can choose for the case colour to be either black or white. Enter in the name that you would like on this Pokeball case design or leave blank if you don’t want to have a name added. This Pokemon phone case would make the perfect case for them to use to not only protect their phone but also to show off while playing Pokemon Go!

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Pokemon Go teams cap

The PERFECT accessory to wear when playing Pokemon Go! Select their team from either mystic, instinct or valour and you can choose to have a black cap or have the same colour as the selected team. A great gift for any Pokemon fan who loves to go out and about on their Pokemon hunt!

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Pokemon inspired coaster

This coaster has the original 151 Pokemon engraved upon and would make the perfect gift for any Pokemon player! This wooden Pokemon coaster is from Etsy and would make a thoughtful little gift to give for many occasions.

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Bulbasaur planter

This 3D printed planter would make the perfect desk accessory for anyone who loves Pokemon! This adorable Bulbasaur planter can be created in 3 sizes and you can choose what colour you would like from the drop down provided. Either give this Pokemon planter as a gift to someone who is a huge Pokemon player or by for yourself to make you smile!

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Ash and Pikachu T shirt

The perfect t-shirt to wear while out and about Pokemon catching! This t-shirt has Ash and Pikachu and is sure to be adored by any Pokemon player. You can buy this Pokemon t-shirt design in different sizes from Etsy.

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Pokemon personalised biscuits

Having a Pokemon themed party and looking for food ideas? You are in luck! Ideal for any birthday parties, you can have any number you wish and add your own personalisation so you can have someone name on the number biscuits. You can choose how many biscuits you require and you get your chosen number as biscuits and also the pokeballs.

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Pokemon coaster collection

Remember those days when you used to play Pokemon on the Gameboy? We do and we miss it! These coaster made us go ‘omg!’ and we think this collection would make a lovely gift to any Pokemon fan. Each coaster has the different colour versions of the game and would make the perfect gift for any trainer!

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Eevee Pokemon night light

The perfect night light for any little Pokemon fan! Personalise to include their name and keep in their bedroom to light up at night. There are 16 different shades and colours to find just the right mood lighting for their bedroom.

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Pokemon go mug

A great mug to buy anyone who is obsessed with Pokemon go! Do they play the game all the time? Do they talk about it everyday? Are they slightly obsessed about catching them all? Well look no further, this mug is perfect! The text on this mug reads ‘relationship status: Pokemon Go’, ideal for any Pokemon fan! Now when they return home from a Pokemon go session they can drink out of their new mug that is just fitting for them!

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We hope you’ve found the perfect Pokemon gift for someone or at least got a helpful idea on what they might like. Find other gift ideas for a gamer on our gifts for gamers guide from awesome retro t-shirts to personalised gaming stations for them to use for their gaming controller and headphones or if you are looking for gift inspiration for kids, check out our gifts for kids section for a range of personalised gifts.

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