Teacher gifts

Find teacher gifts that you can give to show your appreciation for teaching and helping your child. From supplies that they can use while teaching including personalised post it notes to mugs that you can add the teachers name too. We’ve put together a collection of gift ideas for teachers that are great for saying a big thank you!

We’ve featured a range of personalised gift ideas below, from tote bags to name plaques that they can have on display on their desk, we’ve put together a handful of gifts for any teacher.

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Teacher mugs

We’ve featured more teacher mugs that are also available from Zazzle!

Personalised Teacher MugPersonalised Teacher Mug
by mybabybundles

Teacher tote bags

You can add your teachers name to these personalised tote bags or visit Zazzle for more personalised bags.

Teachers Canvas bagTeachers Canvas bag
by SpiralEnvy

Teacher notebooks

Teacher NotebookTeacher Notebook
by scholarshop

Teacher pens

Teacher's PenTeacher’s Pen
by thepinkprincess

Teacher name plates

Teacher Desk Name PlateTeacher Desk Name Plate
by thepinkprincess