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USB flash drive

These personalised USB flash drives are great to use at home, work or for students and with thousands of designs to choose from, you are sure to find the right design to suit you. Choose from a range of colours for the body of the USB flash drive and select which GB size you require. Want to design your own flash drive? Simply upload your designs onto Zazzle and customise everything from images and text to what font you want your name in and colours.

Personalise any of these USB flash drives with your own text to include your own name or photos! Choose from a range of customisable USB designs and add your own personalisation. These USB drives are ideal for using for many reasons, whether you are in need of a flash drive to use for school or college to using one of these USB drives to store important documents or image to carry around with you while you are on the go.

Whether you need a 128GB flash drive to just a 8GB, these flash drives are available in a few different sizes depending on what your requirements are. Check out our electronics section for personalised device cases including protective covers for iPhone and Samsung.

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Personalised flash drive