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Bottle tags

There are 6 bottle tags in a pack and with plenty of personalised designs to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect bottle tags to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for bottle tags for a wedding or birthday party to using a personalised tag to give as a gift to say a massive thank you! Bottle hangers are a great way to label each bottle at a party or to use to add a thoughtful message if you are planning on giving a bottle of wine as a gift.

From wishing someone a ‘happy birthday’ which would include a thoughtful message from yourself to having one of these tag designs at your wedding attached to your bottles of alcohol which can be found on each table with the design fitting perfectly with your wedding theme. You will notice we’ve featured designs best suited for weddings to floral designs that are great for giving as a sweet gift to someone. Once you have chosen your design, visit Zazzle to start your personalisation which isn’t limited to just editing the wording on your design.

You can also customise further from adding additional text to even including your own photos. Not just that but you can also use a different font if you are looking for something different to updating the text size and colour. On the subject of bottles of wine, you can find a variety of wine gift boxes on our website too which includes plenty of designs that are easy to personalise which are perfect for giving any bottle of wine as a gift.

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Personalised bottle tags

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