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Gift labels

Gift labels are a great way to add someones name and who the gift is from when gift giving and there are plenty of label designs that you can choose from. Whether you are after gift labels for your gifts for a birthday to a baby shower, check out the personalised labels below and pick the design that you feel best suits the rest of your gift wrapping. Labels have many uses including adding the name and address details of the person who are sending the gifts to updating people of your new address and with these personalised labels below, each one has been designed to be easy to customise with your own text.

We’ve included a variety of designs that are ideal for many occasions and you aren’t just limited to editing the wording on your new gift labels but you can also add or remove additional text as well as changing the colour and size of the text itself. Can’t find the labels that you need? Why not create your own by uploading your artwork and text onto one of the product templates.

Take a look at our gift supplies section of our website for more gift wrapping supplies including gift tags that you can also personalise along with beautiful gift bags that you can present your gifts in.

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Personalised gift labels