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Personalised Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping paper for any occasion, from personalised wrapping paper for your wedding guests to birthday wrapping paper that are perfect for making your birthday gifts extra special. On Your Ideal Gifts we’ve featured a collection of wrapping paper that each offer a unique design.

We’ve include wrapping paper that are available to buy in rolls or sheets depending on the design you are looking at and how much you have to wrap. From stylish, elegant wrapping paper to add a touch of class to your gifts to loud, bright and colourful designs to really get your gifts noticed! Take a look at the gift wrapping paper and find the perfect design for the occasion.

Below is a handful of hand-picked personalised wrapping paper that you can add your own customisation to. From adding the birthday persons name to uploading an image. Each one of these personalised wrapping paper offers a different kind of personalisation.

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Personalised gift wrapping

Personalised Photo Grid Wrapping Paper

Personalise with your choice of 4 photos to create a unique wrapping paper for their gifts. 

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Personalised Name Confetti Wrapping Paper

A fun, colourful confetti design ideal for birthdays. Personalise by adding any name of your choice.

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Personalised wrapping paper with text and illustration

Customise the background colour and text on this wrapping paper that you can use for celebrating her birthday. 

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Personalised Happy Birthday Gift Wrap

Wrap your birthday gifts in this personalised wrapping paper design that you can personalise.

By: SophieMakesGifts
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Personalised Birthday Age Wrapping Paper

Celebrating a milestone birthday and looking for gift wrapping for your gift giving? Personalise this wrapping paper design with any name and age.

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Wedding Personalised Wrapping Paper

A teal blue and grey wrapping paper for weddings. Add the couples names and their wedding date to this personalised wrapping paper design.

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Personalised I Love You Wrapping Paper

Personalised 'I love you' wrapping paper that would be ideal for wrapping your loved ones gifts. Choose how much wrapping paper you require and enter in your personalisation.

By: SophieMakesGifts
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18th Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper

The perfect wrapping paper for a 18th birthday. Choose the colour for the paper, how many sheets you would like along with if you wish to include gift tags.

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Photo Grid Wrapping Paper Sheet

Create your own wrapping paper by uploading your favourite photos, a wonderful collage wrapping paper!

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Milestone Personalised Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper for celebrating any milestone. Choose how much wrapping paper you need, the colour of the hearts from either blue or pink and enter in your personalisation.

By: SophieMakesGifts
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Personalised Photo Wrapping Paper

Have your own photos printed on this wrapping paper that you can buy in 3 choices of colours and select how many sheets you require.

By: AbigailWarnerStudio
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Personalised Wedding Day Wrapping Paper

A loving touch to your wedding gifts, personalise this wedding wrapping paper with the couples surname.

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Gift Wrapping Paper

6 Sheets Of Eucalyptus Wrapping Paper

6 sheets of lovely eucalyptus wrapping paper. When looking at this product there are other wrapping paper designs that you can choose from.

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Pink Love Hearts Wrapping Paper

A cute pattern of pink hearts on wrapping paper. A great design to use when wrapping your partners gifts.

By: OtterStudioCo
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5 Daisy Wrapping Paper

5 sheets of daisy patterned wrapping paper with matching gift tags.

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6 Sheets Gold Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper

A pack of 6 gold birthday wrapping paper in 3 different patterns.

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4 x Birthday Wrapping Paper

4 sheets of wrapping paper that reads 'happy birthday'.

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3 x Rainbow Wrapping Paper Sheets

3 sheets of rainbow patterned wrapping paper for making your gifts stand out!

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Personalised Christmas wrapping paper

Make your Christmas gifts extra special with one of these personalised Christmas wrapping paper that you can customise with any name.

Personalised Dogs In Christmas Jumpers Wrapping Paper

Adorable Christmas wrapping paper that featured a cute dog in a Christmas jumper! Choose the dog breed/colour you would like on this wrapping paper along with the name you would like printed. 

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Personalised Cute Penguin Christmas Wrapping Paper

Make gift giving that even more special with this personalised penguin wrapping paper that you can add their name to along with the name of the person that the gift is from. Choose how many sheets of this personalised wrapping paper you would like and if you would like to add a postal tube for an additional cost.

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Wedding gift wrapping paper

Looking for the right wrapping paper for your wedding gifts? These wedding gift wrapping paper range from personalised to elegant designs that have been designed for weddings. The personalised wrapping paper are ideal for adding their brides and grooms name to including their wedding date.

Gift wrapping supplies

On our website you can find other gift wrapping supplies including personalised gift bags, personalised gift tags to personalised gift boxes. Most of the gift supplies that you will find on our website can be personalised by you and are available in a variety of designs suited for most occasions.

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