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Burp cloths

Protect your clothing while burping your little one with one of these burp cloths that are available to personalise and buy in a range of designs. These burp cloths for babies are baby-safe and would make a lovely gift to buy any new parent! Whether you wish to add the babies name to any of these personalised burp cloths to buying a burp cloth with an adorable pattern, there are a few different designs that you can choose from and all can be simply personalised by you. Wish to create your own burp cloth? No problem! You can upload your images and artwork over on Zazzle where you can buy these burp cloths from and create your ideal cloth for you and your baby along with personalising with your little ones name.

Find more gifts for babies and other supplies for parents on Your Ideal Gifts that includes many products that you can customise. From personalised baby dummies to cute baby blankets to keep them warm, we’ve featured a range of products that would make a great gift to give and even more special when you personalise.

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Personalised burp cloths

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