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These baby dummies would make a thoughtful gift to any new parents and are sure to come in handy as you can’t have too many dummies! Available in a range of adorable designs for both baby boys and girls, pick the design that you love the most, whether that’s a personalised dummy that you can add the babies name to to a funny expression to make people smile. We’ve featured the baby dummies that we think would make a great gift to give or to buy for your own baby, this includes cute designs which have an animal design to simple designs to have the babies name and the letter of their first name.

Aside from editing the wording to include the babies name, you can also customise further if you wish meaning you are able to add text to one of the designs if it doesn’t currently have the option to to adjusting the design e.g: making the graphic smaller or even adding your own artwork if you wish. There is the option to choose to buy these baby dummies in different colours too which are blue, pink or white and you can select a size from either 0-6 months to 6+ months. We’ve loved putting together these pages for babies accessories and we have other great products that would make a great gift. This includes bibs to baby blankets which includes plenty of products that you can simply personalise.

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