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40 Pamper Gifts For Mum That She Deserves

Make any mum feel special with one of these pamper gifts that are ideal for a relaxing pamper session that you know she deserves. From pamper gifts for a new mum to relax and put her feet up to buying one of these pamper gifts to celebrate your mums birthday. These pamper gift sets range from bath sets to spa inspired gift sets for a relaxing evening for one! Each one of these pamper gift sets are unique and contains items that are ideal for a pamper session in the comfort of her own home.

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Pamper gifts for mum

Pamper Hamper For Her

The contents of this relaxation gift box includes bath salts for a relaxing bath to help sooth her, body wash, Twining tea bags, a bar of Galaxy chocolate and more. 

By: PinkCloudsGifts
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Relaxing pamper gift set

A relaxing gift set for her that includes a moisturising foot mask, an eye mask, body lotion, bath salts, a face sheet mask and more. 

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Hydration bundle

A bundle of hair products including shampoo, conditioner, a moisture hair mask and acid serum.

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The Utterly Indulgent Home Spa Hamper
An indulgent at home spa hamper that is filled with items for a relaxing spa inspired session at home. This includes a wash mitt, bath and body oils plus more.
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Spa Gift Box Pamper

A beautifully curated gift box for mum that includes everything she will need for a much needed pamper session. This includes a face sheet mask, bath salts, eye patches and of course sweet treats like hot chocolate to a bar of Galaxy chocolate. 

By: southportorganics
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Fragrance Spa Bath Gift Set

Ideal for her to enjoy a relaxing bath to relax and unwind, this spa bath gift set includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts and plenty more. 

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Personalised Spa Pamper Hamper

Treat your mum with this spa pamper hamper that you can choose from 2 options to buy, either standard or deluxe. This pamper hamper contains a personalised mini bottle of Prosecco, homemade chocolate, a facial mask, homemade soap, a bath bomb and more.

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Home Spa Natural Gift Set
For a relaxing spa inspired experience at home, this gift set includes body scrub, body location and much more.
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Vegan spa gift box

Make your choice on the face mask and bath salts you would like to include in this gift box that also contains a bamboo spoon, a mixing bowl and a loofah facial sponge. 

By: southportorganics
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Self care pamper kit
A relaxing self care pamper hamper for her that contains bath salts for a relaxing bath, an eye mask, a hot chocolate sachet and more.
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Pamper Gift Box
A pamper self care set for mum to enjoy that includes bath soak salts, under eye treatment mask, a Galaxy chocolate bar and a hot chocolate sachet plus more.
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Lavender Pamper Gift Set

If she loves lavender, she will absolutely love this pamper gift set! This set includes essential oil, bath salts, a sleep mask, a scented candle and more.

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Relax & Unwind Body Massage Gift Set

A gift set for her to relax and unwind. This gift set includes a wooden body massager and massage oil. 

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Hug In A Box Gift Set

Let them know that you are thinking of them with this hug in a box gift set. This gift set contains bath salts, gel eye pads, lip balm plus more, ideal for a relaxing pamper session for one.

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Women Pamper Hamper Set
A mum to be pamper gift set that contains bath salts, heart bombs, soap, bath salts and much more for a relaxing bath and pamper session!
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Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set

A pamper spa gift set that includes bubble bath, shower gel, bath bombs, body butter and more. 

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Relaxation Box

A pamper gift set for a relaxing treatment. The contents of this gift set includes body lotion, a clay face mask, body scrub and more. 

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Sleep Tight Natural Gift Set

Filled with natural sleep products including bubble bath, body lotion, pulse point roll-on and more to help encourage better sleep. 

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Super Mum Luxury Bath Soak

A himalayan salt blend bath soak for mum to enjoy a relaxing bath. 

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Sanctuary Spa Gift Set
A Sanctuary Spa set for your mum to enjoy which includes hand cream, body butter and more.
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Home Spa Self Care Hamper
A self care hamper for mum that includes soap that you can choose the scent for, a love heart bath bomb, a candle and more.
By: ScottieGiftBox
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Mini Pamper Spa Kit

A mini spa kit for her that includes an eye mask, a scented candle, bath bombs and more. 

By: SentwithLoveByLisa
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Super Mum Luxury Gift Set
A gift for your amazing mum to enjoy a relaxing pamper session. This luxury gift set includes calming bath salts, a bath bomb and a candle.
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Personalised Relax And Journal Gift Set

A relaxing gift set that includes a personalised journal that is available in a few colours that you can personalise with her name. Choose the type of tea bag you would like and the colour for the eye mask to create a special gift set for her.

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Sleep & relax hamper
A gift hamper that you can buy for mum to help in her to relax and sleep. This gift hamper contains a scented bag, a scented candle and much more.
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Ocean Inspired Pamper Kit

A pamper kit that contains 5 items for a pampering session, this spa gift set has products that are infused with an ocean scent and is a gift that will be well received by her.

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Mums Candle Pamper Gift Set
A candle pamper gift set for any mum. Give as a gift for Mothers Day or to celebrate her birthday, simply choose the scent you would like for the 2 soy scented candles that are included in this gift set that also includes a herbal tea bag and a chocolate bar.
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Hug in a Box Self Care Pamper Box

Send your mum this hug in a box pamper box for her to enjoy. Choose the style you would like to buy for this gift box and enter in your personalisation to include their name as well as your own. This pamper box contains wax melts, face mask, eye mask, Galaxy chocolate bar and more.

By: FlairEssentials
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New Mum to Be Pamper Kit

A gift box that has been designed to give to any new mum. Filled with a collection of items for relaxing, this includes a scented candle, bath salts, homemade bath bomb and more.

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Queen Bee Pamper Hamper Gift Set

A selection of bee themed products including lip balm and soap which gives you the option to choose the scent/type. Add your own personal message to the message label that is added inside of this letterbox gift.

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Get Well Soon Gift Hampers

A get well soon gift hamper that contains 15 items for self care. This includes a steamed eye mask, foot pack, lip balm, chocolate bar and plenty more.

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Personalised Relaxation Pamper Kit Gift Set

A relaxation pamper kit for her that you can personalise with who this gift is for, a special message and who this thoughtful gift is from. This pamper kit contains 3 products for a relaxing pamper session.

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Spa Luxetique Spa Gift Set

A 6 piece spa gift set for that special someone. This pamper spa set contains a number of products including hand cream, soap, bubble bath and more. Give as a well deserved relaxing session for any occasion.

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Bath and Body Gift Set

A relaxation gift set that contains 5 products for a spa inspired session. Whether you are looking for a gift for mum for her to have a relaxing evening to buying for your best friend, this bath and body gift set would make a great gift that they are sure to enjoy!

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Bath Bombs Gift Set

A set of 7 bath bombs, ideal for a pamper session! Surprise someone special with this bath bomb gift set that they are sure to enjoy for a little pampering!

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Mineral Bath Infusions Gift Collection

An at home spa experience for a well needed pamper session! This gift collection features 6 blended infusions that would make a great gift for her.

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Pregnancy gift set

A pregnancy care package for any expecting mums, inside this pouch contains sleep mist, Lavender sleep balm, lip balm and more. A thoughtful gift that she will be able to enjoy using, you can choose to include an extra gift for an additional cost whether that’s new mum cards, a pregnancy journal or the journal and card. Enter in your personal message that will be included inside this gift set.

By: LovelyMamaGifts
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On Your Ideal Gifts you will find a collection of gifts for mum including mum gifts from her daughter, hampers for mum to personalised gifts for mum that you can buy her for celebrating any occasion. Many of these gift guides include plenty of mum gifts that you can simply personalise which add a special touch to a variety of products. This can be adding her name or ‘mum’ to a gift to having a heartfelt message engraved onto a gift.

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