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40 Thoughtful Boyfriend Birthday Gifts

Find that ideal gift for him in this list of birthday gifts for your boyfriend which includes delicious treats for him to enjoy to sentimental gifts that you can personalise to add a personal touch. These birthday ideas for boyfriend can be given to celebrate any birthday and includes plenty of gifts that he will appreciate. Many of these personalised gifts for him can be customised with your own photos to text or can be bought in a range of colours and sizes depending on the boyfriend gift you are looking at.

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Birthday Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Go Ape Gift Card
A gift that you can both enjoy, this gift card for Go Ape can be redeemed at any of their 35 locations and would be a fun day out for you both.
Buy From Go Ape
CITYPLAY Smart Tracker
Does your boyfriend play football? This CITYPLAY smart tracker is attached to his boots and can track his performance. This data is displayed on an app where he can see his kicking power, sprint distance, ball touches and much more to help in improving his footballing skills.
Buy From Playermaker
Personalised 3 Piece Manicure Set

A 3 piece manicure set for him that you can personalise with his initial. 

Buy From Engravers Guild
Savoury Afternoon Tea & Craft Beer Gift Set

An afternoon tea gift set that he’ll love! This gift includes cheese scones, onion chutney, cheese and 2 bottles of lager. 

Buy From Huffkins
Tetris Keyring Game

A trip down memory lane with this Tetris keyring!

Buy From Firebox
Four Bottle Bar Optic Drinks Dispenser

A free standing drinks dispenser that holds 4 bottles! 

Buy From Menkind

Men's Personalised Initial Chunky Bamboo Sock Gift Set

A warm and soft sock gift set that you can have his initial embroidered on to one of the socks from each pair.

Buy From Not On The High Street

Coffee & Biscuits Selection Gift

A selection of coffee and biscuits for him to enjoy on his own or share with you! There are 4 box options to choose from, each gift box offers an assortment of biscuits, chocolates  and coffee. 

By: SecretGiftGuru
Buy From Etsy

Mini Massage Gun

A powerful handheld mini massage gun that has 5 vibration levels and comes with 4 attachments. 

Buy From Prezzybox

Birthday socks
You can add any age to these socks which would make a great gift for your boyfriend to celebrate any birthday.
By: DaisyDotFlamingo
Buy From Etsy

Bluetooth Silicone Shower Speaker
This shower speaker connects via Bluetooth so he can listen and sing along to his playlist while showering…sorry!
Buy From Prezzybox

Lazy Man Pan
Yep! It’s a pan perfect for fry-ups! This frying pan has 5 compartments which means cooking more at a time and less washing up.
Buy From Prezzybox

Mix Tape Style Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker in the design of a mix tape. This speaker has 4 hour battery life and comes with labels for you to personalise and apply to the speaker. 

Buy From Prezzybox
Engraved Photo Wallet

This engraved wallet is available in a few different colours/styles and you can customise with your own photo, initial and text making it a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Super Large Man Bowl
A large bowl for your boyfriend’s gaming/movie snacks!
Buy From Menkind

Classic Stainless Steel Unisex Bracelet

A stainless steel bracelet that you can personalise with 2 lines of text. 

Buy From For You Gifts

England Cricket Beer Mats

A set of 9 English cricket beer mats that each features a unique design. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Whiskey Decanter Set
If your boyfriend loves whiskey, he will appreciate this etched globe decanter that includes 2 etches glasses.
Buy From Amazon

Any Year Vintage Birthday T-Shirt
Available in a range of sizes and colours, this vintage inspired t-shirt can be personalised with the year he was born.
Buy From Zazzle

Personalised Men's Stag Wash Bag

Ideal for him to use for storing his toiletries, this wash bag has a stag design and you can personalise with his initials. 

Buy From Prezzybox

Personalised Spotify Plaque Photo Lamp

Is there a song that has a lot of meaning to you both? Add the song details as well as a link to Spotify to this photo lamp that you can also add a photo to. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Leather Cable And Headphone Organiser Set
Leather cable and headphone organisers to help keep his belongings neat and tidy! Choose the colour you would like to buy these in and personalise with initials.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Custom Photo Night Light Lamp
A special gift for celebrating his birthday, simply send to the seller the photo you would like added to this custom photo night light and give as a gift that he can treasure on his bedside table.
By: LucklaurenArt
Buy From Etsy

Personalised sofa tray
Perfect for him to use while having a movie night, catching up on his box sets or watching the footy, this personalised sofa tray is ideal for his beer and snacks! Simply add his name to personalise this gift.
Buy From Getting Personal

No.1 Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace
Personalise this stainless steel dog tag necklace with ‘boyfriend’ or his name along with a short message.
Buy From For You Gifts

Personalised Face Socks

Personalised socks for you to customise with your own photos and text. These socks are available in a range of sizes and you can choose the colour.

By: howdydooo
Buy From Etsy

Personalised Men's Pyjama Set
A set of pyjamas that you can personalise with 2 lines of text. These pyjamas for your boyfriend are available in a range of sizes and the shorts come in a few different colours.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised photo frame

A wooden photo frame that is available in 3 designs and you can personalise with you and your boyfriend's name. Fill with a special photo of you both to share a happy memory that you’ve once shared.

By: InkEtch
Buy From Etsy

Personalised Best Boyfriend Ever Wallet Card

A card for him to keep in his wallet that reminds him that he is the best boyfriend ever! Add his name, your name and a date and for an additional cost you can add a personal message on the back of the card. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised Things I Love About Boyfriend Print

A personalised boyfriend print for you to add 5 things that you love about him. Include his name at the top along with your choice of wording from either ‘I love’ or ‘we love’ and add your name to be printed at the very bottom. This personalised boyfriend print is available in 2 sizes and with the option to include a frame. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised Football Shirt Number Cushion Cover
A football cushion cover that you can personalise with his favourite player's number and his name. Available to buy in 2 sizes as well as the option for an additional cost to include the hollow fibre inner.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Photo apron

For your boyfriend, the ‘king of the kitchen’ to wear when in the kitchen or cooking on the BBQ. Personalise with a photo of him and his name to create a one of a kind apron.

Buy From Zazzle

Beer Truffles Gift Box

Chocolate truffles that are blended with dark beer that are handmade using the finest ingredients. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Best Boyfriend Ever Photo Mug
A photo mug for your boyfriend that you can customise with your favourite photo of you both as well as a special date. This boyfriend mug would make a lovely gift for celebrating any birthday.
Buy From Zazzle

Personalised Birthday Chocolate Slab
Topped with Oreo bites, Dairy Milk, Galaxy and more, personalise this slab of chocolate with a birthday message to your boyfriend.
Buy From Not On The High Street

These birthday gifts for boyfriends are only a handful of gifts that you can buy him. On Your Ideal Gifts we’ve put together a list of great gifts for him including personalised gifts for your boyfriend, ideal for finding that perfect gift for any occasion to gaming gifts for your boyfriend which showcases a wide variety of gaming gifts.

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