Photo Coasters

Have your favourite photos printed on to a coaster and give as a personalised gift for that special someone. From a collage of your photos to just the one with text, you can personalise any of these photo coaster designs that you see below over on Zazzle.

We’ve featured a range of designs that have been created to be easily customised and aside from editing any photo and text on your chosen design, you can also add extra images and text to these designs if you feel your chosen designs need this.

From paper photo coasters to use at weddings to beautiful stone coasters with photos of your family to use at home. With a range of personalised photo coasters to choose from, you are sure to find the right coaster design that you can personalise today.

Zazzle offers a unique collection of coasters that you can personalise with any of your own photos and text. From paper photo coasters to use at your wedding to include a photo of the bride and groom to coasters to have your favourite family photos printed on.

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Personalised photo coasters