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15 Adorable & Personalised Nursery Cushions

Adorable nursery cushions that are available in a range of super cute designs! From cushions for baby boys or girls, we’ve featured a collection of nursery cushions below that each offer a unique design including a few you can also personalise. From throw cushions for comfort when nursing to decorative cushions that match your baby’s nursery theme, there are a variety of cushions to choose from and we hope you find the perfect one for you.

Not only are these cushions great for having in your own child’s nursery but to also give as a thoughtful gift to any parent that you can personalise to include their child’s name or birth stats depending on the design you are looking at buying.

A few of these cushions have different options when it comes to purchasing, this can be choosing to buy just the cushion cover or to buy along with the cushion insert. A few of these nursery cushions are also available in a few different sizes.

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Personalised nursery cushions

Panda Nursery Cushion

A cute panda holding a heart, a lovely cushion for a panda or animal themed nursery. With a white and grey chevron patterned background, buy this panda cushion for your own nursery or give as a gift.

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Personalised Teddy Bear Cushion

An adorable teddy bear design on a cushion that would be ideal for a babies nursery. Personalise by adding the babies name to this super cute cushion!

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Personalised Cloud And Raindrops Name Cushion

A cute design featuring a cloud and colourful raindrops with the child's name. Choose the size and filling you would like for this cushion, the fabric and enter in the name you would like to add.

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Under The Sea Personalised Cushion

With an adorable under the sea design, personalise to include any name of your choice. This ocean inspired cushion would look lovely in any sea inspired baby's nursery!

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Personalised Blue Star Cushion

On a baby blue background, ideal for any little boys nursery, enter in the baby's name for this to be added underneath the star.

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Panda Baby Birth Stats Cushion

An adorable panda cushion that you can personalise with the baby's birth stats! With a cute panda within a beautiful wreath, customise the wording to give as a gift to any new parents.

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Personalised New Baby Cushion

A wonderful gift for new parents, choose from either a pink or blue star and personalise with the baby's name and birth details.

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Cloud, Moon And Star Pillow Set

A set of cushions for your child's room. This set contains a moon, cloud and star cushion which is available in a few colours.

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Personalised Bear Nursery Cushion

A personalised bear cushion that would make an adorable addition to any baby's nursery. Personalise with the babies name, birth weight and the time that they were born.

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Children's Personalised Rainbow Name Heart Cushion

Brighten up any baby's or child's room with this personalised name cushion that you can add any name of your choice to. Choose the colour you would like for the cushion itself from a few options.

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Personalised Nursery Cushion

With a choice of either a lion or tiger, enter in the child's name to this adorable cushion and add to their cushion collection!

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New Baby Personalised Cushion

Celebrate the arrival on a baby with this new baby cushion that you can personalise with the babies birth stats. The design is available in either pink or blue and you can enter in all of the wording that you would like added making it a great gift to give any new parents!

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Personalised Rainbow Cushion

A lovely cushion for a baby's nursery! With your choice of 6 rainbow designs to choose from, simply make the selection for the rainbow and enter in the name that will be added underneath the design.

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