Photo cushions

A beautiful gift idea for give to your partner or friend as a keepsake gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking to create a cushion with a collage of your favourite photos to just having the one photo and having text to add a sweet message. From photo cushions to give when celebrating your wedding anniversary to cute cushions to include photos of you and your friends.

We’ve featured a range of personalised cushions below that have been created so they are easy to customise by you. Aside from adding your own photos to any of these cushions, you can also either customise the text that has bee included already or add your own text if you feel you wish to say a little something.

These cushions are available in a few different sizes and aside from giving as a personalised gift, these cushions are also include to adding colour to any room of your house. Want to see more personalised cushions?

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Personalised photo cushions