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12 Unique Mugs For Couples

Looking for couples mugs that you can buy for you and your partner or to give as a gift to a couple who are celebrating an occasion? We’ve featured on Your Ideal Gifts a collection of that each offer a unique design and would make a thoughtful gift to give. From personalised couples mugs that you can add his and her name to along with a short message to his and her mugs that fit perfectly together to symbolise their love.

The mugs for couples that you can personalise have different customisation options for adding your own personal touch. Whether that’s simply adding their names to uploading a photo of the happy couple to give as a keepsake gift that they are sure to use for many years to come. When personalising these mugs for couples, take a look at all of the options that you can as some you are able to customise the font that has been used to choosing the colour for the text.

Below we’ve hand-picked a selection of couples mugs that are available to buy on a variety of websites, take a look to find that perfect gift for a couple!

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Couples mugs

Marble Personalised His And Her Mugs

A beautiful marble set of 2 mugs for couples. Choose the style of the mug you would like which includes the option to have grey or pink blush mugs and enter in the surname.

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Mermaid & captain mugs

A pair of ceramic mugs with ‘mermaid’ and ‘captain’ text and graphics underneath.

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Personalised The Real Boss Mugs

Add his and her names to these personalised mugs to let them know who really is boss!

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Personalised 'He Asked She Said About Time' Couple Mugs

A personalised set of mugs with 'he asked' and 'she said it's about time!' with editable text underneath to add the couples names.

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Personalised Set Of 2 Heart Handle Mugs

A set of 2 heart handle mugs that can be personalised with a name. With a heart with 'love' overlaying, this mug set would make a lovely gift for any couple celebrating an anniversary or to give as a wedding gift.

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Mr and mrs mugs

Ideal for the couple to use when starting out their married life together, these mr and mrs mugs would make a wonderful gift to give as a wedding present or for you to buy for your other half to celebrate the many years together. These mr and mrs mugs are available in a range of lovely and beautiful designs and a few you can also add your own personalisation.

Black & White Mr and Mrs Mugs

A black and white mr and mrs mug set for them to enjoy together to celebrate any occasion.

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Mr Right and Mrs Always Right Couples Coffee Mugs

A couples gift set of 2 mugs with 'mr right' and 'mrs right'. Buy for celebrating an engagement, wedding or anniversary.

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Mr & Mrs Personalised Couples Mug Set

Customise with any name and date you wish to give as a gift to the happy couple.

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Mr & Mrs Personalised Mugs

Personalised mugs for any couple or you can buy just the one as a thoughtful gift to your other half. To personalise, enter in the name that you would like printed onto each mug.

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Mr & Mrs Wedding Mug

Choose to buy just the one mug in blue or pink or as a set of 2. Enter in the names of the couples along with their wedding date.

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Set of 2 Mr & Mrs Couples Coffee Mugs

Pink and gray mr and mrs mugs coffee mugs, a gift to give for a wedding or for Valentines.

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These couples mugs also make a great keepsake gift for the happy couple to always remember the occasion by whether that’s their wedding day to a milestone wedding anniversary. These couples mugs sets aren’t the only gifts you can find to buy a couple, we’ve also put together a gift guide on gifts for couples to letterbox gifts that you can send straight to them through their letterbox. Most of the gifts for couples that you will find on Your Ideal Gifts can be personalised so we hope you find that perfect gift for them!