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Dog collars

Available in 3 sizes, these dog collars can be simply personalised by you. From adding your dogs name to having your contact information on display, choose from a collection of personalised dog collars and head over to Zazzle to add your own personalisation!

These collar designs would suit male or female dogs and comes in a variety of designs in a wide selection of colours! From a simple collar with your dogs name to a colourful pet collar to match their bubbly personality, find the perfect collar for your pet from the selection below or head over to Zazzle to check out more of their dog accessories.

Wish to create your own dog collar? You can simply upload your own artwork and images to the dog collar template below and start to create the perfect collar for your beloved dog! Take a look at more pet accessories on Your Ideal Gifts that includes other dog and cat accessories that are ready to be personalised by you too!

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Personalised Beige Trendy Dog Word Cloud Pet Collar
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