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Dog tags

Available in a range of styles, these personalised dog tags can be customised by you and on some of the designs you are able to add text on both sides so you can add your pets name as well as your contact information. Choose the design that best suits your beloved dog and simply customise.

There are plenty of designs to choose from including colourful patterns to simply, elegant designs to just add their name to. Pick the dog tag that is ideal for you and personalise! Depending on dog tag you are looking for, you may have different options when it comes to customising. This includes choosing a different font to use for the wording to changing the text size and colour. A few of these personalised dog tags can be purchased in a different size and there might be other options that you can choose from so take a good look.

These personalised dog tags are ideal for buying for your own dog but also for giving as a gift to anyone who owns a dog or who might be planning on getting one. The products for pets don’t stop here, take a look at our pets section of our website for more personalised accessories including dog leads to adorable food bowls.

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Personalised dog tags