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48 Cat Gifts For Cat Lovers

Shopping for gift ideas for your friend or family member who LOVES cats? Well look no further! On Your Ideal Gifts we’ve featured a range of gifts for cat lovers ranging from personalised tote bags to cat mugs. Below we’ve handpicked from a few websites a collection of cat gifts for their owners that they are sure to adore and say ‘awwww!’.

The range of cat gifts that we’ve featured would make a special gift for him or her and most of these gifts can be simply personalised. The personalisation can be adding their cat name to adding a short but sweet message, creating a unique gift.

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Cat Lover Gifts

Cat Necklace

In the shape of a heart with 3 cats sitting together, this sterling silver necklace would make a lovely gift for a cat lover. 

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Personalised Cats Mug

A colourful cat patterned mug that you can personalise with a cat lover's name. 

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Cat Kiss Mugs
A set of cat mugs that anyone who loves cats will adore.
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Cat book stand

In the shape of a cat, this cute book stand is sure to come in handy while following recipes in the kitchen!

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Pet Photo Blanket
A photo blanket that features an adorable photo of their cat! Available in a few sizes and types of blanket, create the perfect blanket for a cat lover.
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Personalised cat apron

An apron that features an orange cat pattern that you can add their name to. 

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Cat wrist rest

To aid in supporting their wrist and forearm while using a mouse, give as a gift to anyone who loves cats!

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Crystal Cat 3D Ball

A cute cat 3D ball for a cat lover. 

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Cat Hot Water Bottle

A cat shaped hot water bottle! Ideal for keeping warm and cuddling!

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Cat Wine Bottle Holder

A chic cat wine bottle holder. 

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Feline Calm watering spike

A watering spike that gradually seeps out water for their plant! 

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Cat yoga mugs

A set of 3 stackable mugs that makes up cats doing yoga poses!

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Cat Ring Holder

To be used to store rings and other jewellery, this ring holder is in the design of a cat. This ring holder is available in other designs. 

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Cat pint mug

Black and white cats on a mug that anyone who loves cat will appreciate. 

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Cat wine glass

An engraved wine glass that reads ‘it’s not drinking alone if the cat is home’ with a cute cat design. 

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Black Cats Jewellery Holder

Ideal for keeping their jewellery safe, this cat jewellery holder would make a lovely gift for a cat lover. 

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Cat wax melt gift set

This gift set includes a wax melt burner and 2 Yankee candles. 

By: BoocGifts
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Cat Tote Bag

A cute cat tote bag that you can personalise with any name.

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Cat slipper socks

A soft and cosy pair of cat slipper socks that has grippers underneath to prevent slipping. 

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Cat candle

An adorable soy wax cat candle that is available in a few colours. 

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Personalised Pet Cushion

Have their cat's face created into a pet cushion! 

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Clip-on Cat Selfie Accessory

Fits on to their phone, this selfie accessory will get their cat’s attention so they can take some awesome selfies together!

Buy From Menkind

Standing Ceramic Cat Planter

A cute cat planter that they can grow a small plant in. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Crazy Cat Lady Sweatshirt

A grey sweatshirt for a lady who is crazy about cats! This cat sweatshirt is available in a few sizes. 

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Cat Stud Earrings

A cute pair of cat stud earrings for a cat lover. 

By: OnnanokoCo
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Cat Butt Magnets

A set of 6 cat butt magnets for their fridge! 

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Cat Mama Wine Glass

A wine glass for a cat mama to enjoy your favourite wine in. 

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Hanging Cat Necklace

A sterling silver cat necklace with a pendant of a cat hanging from the necklace, a necklace that any cat lover will find adorable!

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Cat 3D Illusion Night Light

A 3D cat night light with warm colours for any cat lover to have in their room.

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Cat T-Shirt

Available in a few colours and sizes for men, women and kids, this cat t-shirt is sure to make them go 'awww!'.

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Personalised cat collar

Available in a range of colours and styles, personalise this cat collar with the cat's name and depending on the design, you can add their phone number or date of birth too. 

By: RaphAndLora
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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You

A witty and funny book for anyone who has a cat! We are sure any cat owner will enjoy giving this book a read, maybe when their cat isn’t near them!

Buy From Prezzybox

Cat Ring

An adjustable cat ring that is available to buy either rose gold, gold or silver. 

By: FujeJewellery
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Cat Mug

A double wall glass mug for a cat lover. 

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This list of gifts for a cat lover would make a great gift for any child or adult who has a slight cat obsession. You could buy any of these gifts to give for any occasion like celebrating a birthday to giving as a Christmas gift. Aside from these cat gifts you will also find other gift ideas for other pets like gifts for a dog lover to guinea pig gifts.

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