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22 Tortoise Gifts For Tortoise Lovers

Whether they have a tortoise as a beloved pet or simply have a passion for them, we’ve searched high and low to bring you a selection of tortoise gifts for both adults and kids. This collection features an array of thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to be adored. From personalised mugs that add a personal touch to their favourite hot drink to tortoise-themed jewellery perfect for any occasion, these gifts celebrate the love for tortoises in the most endearing way.

Take a look at these unique and thoughtful tortoise gifts that are sure to bring a smile to any tortoise enthusiast’s face no matter the occasion.

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Gifts for tortoise lovers

Tortoise Keyring

A tortoise keyring that you can personalise with their initial and birthstone. 

By: YouLoveYouShop
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Tortoise mug

A mug for the crazy tortoise lady in your life. 

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Tortoise Ornament

A tortoise ornament for them to proudly display in their home. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised tortoise print

A wedding gift for the happy couple that features 2 tortoises and text to include their names and the date of their wedding. 

By: PawprintIllustration
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Tortoise pot hanger

A tortoise pot hanger for a plant lover to use!

By: Jardinopia
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Tortoise earrings

A cute pair of tortoise earrings that gives you the choice for the wire. 

By: glitzandgiftsco
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Tortoise socks

A pair of cute tortoise patterned socks for her. 

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Personalised tortoise hanging sign

A heart shaped hanging sign that you can personalise with their tortoises name. 

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Tortoise plush

A cute cuddly plush of a tortoise.  

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Tortoise mug

A cute mug for a tortoise owner that reads ‘I work hard so my tortoise can have a better life’. 

By: designermugsonline
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Engraved tortoise glass

Featuring a tortoise design, add their name to this engraved glass or even the name of their pet tortoise. 

By: SignatureEngravings
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Tortoise soft toy

A soft toy of a tortoise that they can cuddle!

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Tortoise notebook

A cute tortoise patterned notebook which is handy for writing down their notes and to-dos. 

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Tortoise necklace

A tortoise necklace for anyone who loves tortoises. 

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Personalised Photo Frame

A personalised photo frame that you can add their tortoise's name to.

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Tortoise tote bag

A tote bag for the crazy tortoise lady. 

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Tortoise Bracelet

A gold plated tortoise bracelet that includes a sentimental card of your choice. 

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Tortoise cuddly toy

A cute companion for a child who loves tortoises. 

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Glass tortoise ornament

A tortoise ornament for them that is made of glass. 

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Tortoise pen

A cute tortoise floating pen that is available in 2 colours. 

By: CarlyWarlyDesigns
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Personalised tortoise mug

A tortoise mug that you can personalise with a name. Choose to buy either the one mug for someone special or buy as a set. 

By: SparksAndDaughters
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These gifts can be given as a birthday present to giving as a gift to let them know you are thinking of them. Many of these tortoise gifts can be simply personalised which can range from just adding their name to choosing the item in another colour or size.

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