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18 Craft Gifts For Crafters

Got a friend who loves to craft? Whether they enjoy following a step-by-step guide to create unique items or getting crafty (see what we did there?!) for special events and occasions, we’ve got the perfect list of craft gifts they’ll appreciate. This curated selection includes a variety of craft gifts suitable for both adults and kids, making them perfect for any occasion. These craft gifts are sure to keep them entertained for hours and bring out their creativity.

These craft kits include everything they will need to make a range of products which would make a great gift for someone who has been crafting for years to someone just getting into it.

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Craft gifts for craft lovers

Mummy & Baby Bear DIY Knitting Craft Kit

A craft knitting kit for knitting a mummy and baby bear, a gift for beginners. This knitting kit has all that they will need. 

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Turtle Needle Felting Kit

A beginners friendly felting kit to make an adorable baby turtle. 

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Candlemaking Craft Kit

This candle making kit includes everything they will need to make 12 candles. 

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Flower Embroidery Kit

A lovely flower embroidery kit that includes everything they will need to learn how to do embroidery. This kit has 5 styles of flowers to choose from. 

By: umsden
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DIY Pottery Kit

A kit for them to make their own pottery! This DIY pottery kit includes air dry clay, white paint, sealant, sculpting tools and a cleaning sponge. 

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Home Air-Dry Clay Pottery Kit

A clay pottery kit that includes everything they will need to make their own clay items at home. 

By: Pottd
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Beginners Complete Candle Making Starter Kit

A great beginners kit for learning how to make candles. This candle starter kit includes everything they will need and you are able to choose the fragrance oil. 

By: TarryAndSage
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Penguin Needle Felting Kit

A felt kit for creating a cute penguin.  

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Sock Llama Craft Kit

A craft kit to make their very own llama sock! A range of colours are available. 

By: SockCreaturesUK
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Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit

Choose the flavour of lip balm you would like for the kit to buy as a gift for your sister. This lip balm kit contains all of the items she will need to make her very own lip balm. 

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Mummy & Baby Bear DIY Knitting Craft Kit
a teddie bear knitting kit that includes everything that they will need to knit a mum and baby bear.
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Make Your Own Bath Bombs Kit

Choose from a few scents that they would like and give as a gift that they can enjoy using to make their own bath bombs!

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Make Your Own Dreamcatcher Kit

A craft kit for making their own dreamcatcher! Add their name to the sticker on the outside of the box to personalise. 

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Herbal tea garden grow kit

A kit to grow their own herbal tea at home like peppermint, chamomile and lemon balm teas. 

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Beginners Crochet Animal Kit

A beginners kit to crochet a penguin and dinosaur. This crochet kit has everything a beginner will need. 

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Premium Craft Lager Beer Gift Hamper
A craft lager hamper for him that includes 5 craft lagers, a tasting glass and nuts.
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Grow It: Cactus – Indoor Plant Kit

Included in this indoor plant kit is everything that they will need for growing different cacti. 

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Creative Glass Painting Kit

A glass painting kit for them to paint their own candle glasses. 

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These craft gifts range from beginners kits for clay pottery to embroidery kits to create beautiful pieces of work for their home. You can find more gifts for a loved one on Your Ideal Gifts in a number of gift guides which includes other gift ideas for many hobbies. These gift guides include knitting gifts, baking gifts to yoga gifts.

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