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32 Gym Gifts For Gym Lovers

Got a friend who is always at the gym? Or what about someone who says about starting the gym but never seems to get going? This range of gym lover gifts range from practical gym gifts to help them train to funny gifts to make them smile. A few of these gym lover gifts can be personalised meaning you are able to add their name or a message to create a thoughtful gift for your gym obsessed friend!

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Gifts for a gym lover

Personalised sports bottle

A green and black sports bottle that features a flip-straw leakproof lid. Personalise with text to add their name or a message which you can choose where on the bottom you would like to customise. There is also a grey camo sports bottle too. 

Buy From Engravers Guild

Gym gloves

To aid in making working out more comfortable, these gym gloves are sure to come in handy when bodybuilding and weight training. 

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Chocolate Dumbbells

A box of 9 chocolate dumbbells in milk, white and dark chocolate.

Buy From Not On The High Street

Electric Protein Shaker

A 600ml electric blender that is ideal for using on the go. 

Buy From Amazon

Mini Massage Gun

A powerful handheld mini massage gun that has 5 vibration levels and comes with 4 attachments. 

Buy From Prezzybox

Gym snacks

A bag for their gym snacks! This bag is available in a few colours with a choice of colours for the text. 

By: PetalsAndPastures
Buy From Etsy

Personalised Exercise Keyring

With charms of biceps, a kettlebell and a dumbbell, personalise this keyring with their initial and birthstone. 

By: CraftchemyGiftShop
Buy From Etsy

Ultimate Gym Workout Log Book

Ideal for keeping track on their fitness and workout, this workout log book is available in pink or blue and will be helpful when achieving their gym goals. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Yoga Holdall Bag
Available in a few colours, personalise this holdall bag with her name.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Massager Gun

A handheld massage gun to help with the aches and pains of working out! With 20 adjustable speeds and 6 attachments, this would make a useful gift for a gym goer! 

Buy From Amazon

Embroidered Gym Towel

A personalised towel for the gym or boxing. Available in navy or white, personalise with their initials. 

By: FabricOfStyle
Buy From Etsy

Recharge Sport Fresh Ultimate Gym Equipment Collection

A gym gift set for a gym goer to use! This collection includes body wash, sprays, a water bottle and more. 

Buy From Amazon

The Athlete Box

A gift box for a fitness enthusiast. This gift box includes energy bars, gels, powders and more that can be used before, during and after a workout. 

By: AthleteBox
Buy From Etsy

Gym diary

A workout log for them to keep track of their gym sessions. 

Buy From Amazon

The Gym Keg Water Bottle

A 2 litre water bottle for them to take with them when visiting the gym.

Buy From Amazon

Personalised home gym sign

A personalised sign for their home gym! Personalise with your own text and choose the colour you would like for the raised letters as well as background colour. 

By: LeighsworkshopDesign
Buy From Etsy

Personalised Protein Shaker

Personalise their very own protein shaker! Add their name and choose the colour you would like the text to be in. 

By: MelidyMakes
Buy From Etsy

Personalised boxing water bottle

A personalised water bottle that features a design of boxing gloves and text you can edit for his name. 

By: VenusVGgifts
Buy From Etsy

Personalised drawstring bag

A personalised bag for the gym that you can customise both lines of text. 

Buy From Dazzle

Cordless Skipping Rope

A digital cordless skipping rope, great for skipping indoors!

Buy From Menkind

Non-slip yoga mat

A sustainable non-slip yoga mat that you can buy in a few colours. This eco-friendly yoga mat has 4mm of cushioning and is ethically made. 

Buy From Complete Unity Yoga

Eco Insulated Bottle

A stainless steel insulated bottle that is eco friendly. This 500ml bottle keeps your hot drinks hot for 6 hours + and cold drinks cold for 12 hours +.

Buy From Complete Unity Yoga

Personalised Embroidered Monogram Sports Gym Towel

A personalised embroidered gym towel that you can add any initials of your choice as well as choosing to buy this towel in either black or navy. This gym towel has a zipped pocket to store their keys etc which is sure to be used! 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised Holdall With Initials In Circle
A personalised bag to use in the gym. This personalised holdall is available in a few colours and you can customise with their initials.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Weight Plate Coasters

A great gift for a gym goer who lifts weights! This set of coasters include 4 designs with a choice of 2 colours. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

I'd Rather Be At The Gym Mug

The perfect mug for a gym lover! This mug reads ‘I’d rather be at the gym’ and there is the option to buy just the mug or the set which includes a coaster with the mug. 

By: WattaMug
Buy From Etsy

Personalised Hobbies Water Bottle
Choose to include the design for the gym to create a personalised water bottle for any gym goer. Personalise with their name and a message.
Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised water bottle with straw

Available in a few colours, this water bottle includes a straw inside and will come in handy when in the gym! Personalise with a name of your choice. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Protein Shaker

Available in a few colours, add your name or the name of the person that you would like to buy this personalised protein shaker for to create a one of a kind shaker for the gym. 

By: SpokenGifts
Buy From Etsy

Lifting Dumbbell Beer Glass

In the shape of a dumbbell, this beer glass holds 24oz for them to enjoy their favourite beer!

Buy From Getting Personal

Personalised Gym/Gin Water Bottle

A funny water bottle that reads ‘gym?!?, I thought you said gin’. This water bottle is 500ml. 

Buy From Menkind

Monogrammed Barrel Gym Bag

A personalised gym bag that you can choose the font for along with the colour of their initials. 

Buy From Treat Republic

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