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30 Knitting Gifts For A Knitter

Know someone who is a knitter? Whether they have been knitting for years and you are looking for gift ideas to give as a birthday gift to buying a knitting gift for a friend who said they would like to get into knitting. These knitting gifts range from funny knitting gift ideas to practical gifts that they will find useful when knitting their next project.

We’ve put together below a list of gifts for knitters that would make a great gift to give. Whether the gift is for a close friend to a family member like your mum or nan, we’ve featured a collection of gifts that we hope you will find perfect to give.

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Knitting gifts

Just Let Me Finish this Row Mug

A funny knitting mug that we are sure they agree with!

By: GiftGag
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Six Month Let's Knit Together Subscription for One

A subscription gift for someone who loves to knit or is new to knitting! This gift is for a gift voucher that they can redeem.

Buy From Moonpig

Personalised Knitting Project Storage

A personalised knitting bag for them to use for their knitting project. 

By: BeehiveCornerCo
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Wooden knitting coaster

A wooden coaster for a knitter that reads ‘life is better when you’re knitting’. 

By: GiftsAllMappedOut
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Beginners Crochet Animal Kit

A beginners kit to crochet a penguin and dinosaur. This crochet kit has everything a beginner will need. 

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Knitters t-shirt

A funny t-shirt for a knitter that is available in a range of colours and sizes. 

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Personalised Knitting Needle Case

Add their name to this knitting needle case that gives you the option to choose the text colour for their name. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Knitting Stuff Storage Pouch

Available in 2 sizes, this knitting storage bag will come in handy to store their knitting bits and pieces. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised knitting bag

A knitting bag for her to store her knitting bits and pieces! Personalise with her name and choose the colour you would like for her name. 

By: PomchickGift
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Personalised do not disturb socks

Available in 2 sizes and a few colours, simply personalise with the name you would like on this knitting socks. 

By: AmandaJaneStudioShop
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Personalised Knitting Storage Basket

A handy to have storage basket for a knitter! Personalise with a name and message as well as choose the colour you would like to buy this basket in. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Wool ball holder

A wooden holder for their wool balls to help with less tangles. 

Buy From Amazon

Knitting needle case

Available in a few designs, this knitting needle case will come in handy for storage. 

Buy From Amazon

Crochet Hook Set

A set of 10 crochet hooks, each has a different, colourful pattern. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Knitting Bag

Ideal for carrying their crocheted or knitting projects or to store their wool, this personalised knitting bag can be personalised with a name of your choice.

Buy From Not On The High Street

Knitting mug

A novelty knitting mug that has balls of wool and knitting needles which we are sure anyone who loves knitting will appreciate!

By: LovefromLauraMay
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12 x coloured yarn and 2 crochet hooks

A pack of 12 yarn in different colours, ideal for them to use on their next crocheting project. The yarn also comes with 2 crochet hooks. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Vintage Sewing Machine Craft Box

A personalised craft box with a sewing machine ornament on top and your personalisation on the side. This craft box will come in handy for them to store their knitting and sewing accessories. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

I Knit So I Won't Kill People Mug

‘I knit so I won’t kill people’ - a mug that a knitter will appreciate. You can have this design printed on a variety of mug styles. 

Buy From Zazzle

Personalised Knitting Needles With Box

A pair of personalised knitting needles that you can add their name to on one needle and a message of your choice on the other.

By: OakdeneDesigns
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The Knitting Book: Over 250 Step-by-Step Techniques

A book to inspire a knitter and to learn! This knitting book has over 250 techniques on becoming a great knitter. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Knitting Bag

A personalised bag for their knitting accessories! Choose the colour of the bag you would like to buy from either natural, navy and black as well as print colour. Simply personalise with their name. 

By: FraternalBoutique
Buy From Etsy

Personalised wooden buttons

Engraved wooden buttons for them to use on their next knitting project. Choose how many buttons you would like to buy along with the size. Simply enter in the wording you would like on the buttons in the box provided.

By: RocketboyGifts
Buy From Etsy

Luxury Scarf Knitting Kit

A thoughtful gift for any knitter! Choose the colour you would like for this scarf knitting kit that comes with knitting needles and the pattern for them to follow.

Buy From Not On The High Street

Knitting mug

‘Knitting keeps me from unravelling’ - a novelty mug for a knitter that is in the style of a ball of wool!

Buy From Amazon

Knitting machine

An accessory for people who are just starting out with knitting, this knitting machine has 48 needles and makes it easy to knit what ever they would like.

Buy From Amazon

Mummy & Baby Bear DIY Knitting Craft Kit

A craft knitting kit for knitting a mummy and baby bear, a gift for beginners. This knitting kit has all that they will need. 

Buy From Amazon

Personalised Knitting Needle Holder

Choose from either gold or silver for your personalisation that you can include a message or name of your choice. This knitting needle holder is sure to come in handy for storage. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Ceramic Yarn Bowl For Knitting / Crochet Pearl

A ceramic yarn bowl for any knitter to use to keep their yarn tangle free and tidy. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Beginner Sock Knitting Kit

A knitting kit for beginning to learn how to knit their own socks. The socks are available in a few colours and this kit contains everything that they will need to learn. 

Buy From Etsy

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