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26 Personalised Yoga Mats

Yoga is one of the most popular exercises to do as it isn’t just beneficial for your fitness but also can help with your mental health. No matter if you are new to yoga or have been doing it for a while, a yoga mat is a must have accessory and with a number of available personalised yoga mats online, we’ve hand picked a few below which we think are amazing and easy to customise.

When it comes to customising, these personalised yoga mats are easy to edit, whether that’s replacing the name with your own to uploading your favourite photos to include on one of these designs. Pick the personalised yoga mat that you would love to purchase and simply personalise to make it perfect for you or for someone to give as a gift. Want to find more gifts for someone who loves yoga? Check out our gifts for a yoga lover gift guide for a range of gifts that would be ideal to give.

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Personalised Yoga Mats

Non Slip Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is available in a variety of colours and comes with a strap for easy carrying.

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Marble Swirls Om Symbol Yoga Mat

A beautiful pastel coloured marble yoga mat that you can personalise with any name.

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Funny Yoga Mat

A funny yoga mat that reads 'after this we're getting ice cream' with text underneath that you can edit to include a name.

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Custom yoga mat

Create your own yoga mat by sending the text and photos you would like on this mat along with the colour to the seller on Etsy. 

By: RobinsonMade
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Children's Yoga Mat

A yoga mat for kids that is available in a few designs for him or her. 

By: MygaEco
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Personalised lilac script yoga mat

A beautiful lilac yoga mat that you can add a name to. 

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Chic Retro Stripes Monogram Yoga Mat

A retro style yoga mat that features coloured strips with text for you to edit to add a name of your choice. 

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But First Yoga Mat

With a watercolour inspired background, this yoga mat reads ‘but first yoga’ with text that you can edit to add any name of your choice.

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Floral personalised yoga mat

A beautiful floral yoga mat that you can add their name to. 

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Yoga now wine later yoga mat

A personalised yoga mat that reads ‘yoga now wine later’. 

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Non-slip yoga mat

A sustainable non-slip yoga mat that you can buy in a few colours. This eco-friendly yoga mat has 4mm of cushioning and is ethically made. 

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Faux Gold Circle Personalised Yoga Mat

On a light pink background, a faux gold circle design surrounds her name that you can personalise. 

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Create your own yoga mat

We've featured many personalised yoga mats for you to choose from but what about if you wish to create your own yoga mat? No problem! This template can be fully personalised so you can upload your artwork and images to create the perfect mat for you! From adding a bunch of your favourite photos to then overlaying some text to include a quote or even your name, the options are endless and completely up to you!

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