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25 Ping Pong Paddles

Whether playing competitively or just for fun with friends, with ping pong you will need the right equipment from ping pong paddles to ping pong balls. On Your Ideal Gifts we’ve featured a range of ping pong paddles that you can buy from fun designs to buy for kids to custom paddles that you can personalise.

From personalised ping pong paddles that you can add a name or clubs name to to photo paddles that you can upload a meaningful photo to and give as a gift for any occasion. The table tennis bats below can be bought for yourself to bring your A game or to buy as a gift.

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Personalised table tennis bats

Monogram Personalised Pong Paddle

Available in a variety of colours, choose the colour that fits them perfectly and simply customise the name. Aside from personalising, you can also choose the style for the back of the pong paddle you would like from either having a red or black rubber backing or full print for an additional cost.

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Geometric Ping Pong Paddle

A colourful geometric ping pong paddle that you can add any name of your choice to. Whether you are looking to buy yourself a custom paddle to use or to give as a gift, simply personalise with any name/word.

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Aggressive Scary In Your Face Ping Pong Paddle

A ping pong paddle to intimidate your opponent! This paddle has an aggressive red face and you can choose if you would like red or black rubber on the other side of the paddle or full print. 

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Fun Retro Comic Book Pop Art Ping Pong Paddle

A fun and trendy comic book style ping pong paddle that is available in either blue or pink. Personalise with their name to create a one of a kind paddle.

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Name The Man The Myth The Legend Ping Pong Paddle

A personalised paddle for the man, the myth, the legend in your life! 

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Monogram Navy Nautical Anchor Ping Pong Paddle

Featuring a navy blue anchor, this monogram paddle can be personalised with initials. 

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Fresh and Happy Colourful Stripes Monogram Ping Pong Paddle

A colourful striped custom paddle that features a monogram design that you can personalise with an initial and name.

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Personalised Modern Wood Grain Texture Ping Pong Paddle

With a wood grain texture as the background, customise the name on this paddle to include their first and surname name.

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Cool Stylish Retro Stripes Personalised Ping Pong Paddle

Featuring retro stripes, this paddle can be personalised to include any name of your choice. 

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Circle Monogram Ping Pong Paddle

A simple monogram style customisable paddle that you can add their name and initials to. 

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Pastel Mint Hello Name Ping Pong Paddle

With a pastel mint background and the word “hello”, personalise with a name that is overlaying the wording. 

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Personalised geometric paddle

With a blue geometric pattern, personalise with an initial and name to create a custom paddle to give as a gift. 

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Photo collage ping pong paddle

Personalise with 8 photos and an initial to create a one of a kind paddle to either give as a gift or buy for yourself. 

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Smiling Face Table Tennis Paddle

A funny table tennis paddle with a smiling yellow face, this paddle is sure to get a few comments! 

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Smack Down Ping Pong Paddle

Personalise with their name on this smack down ping pong paddle and choose from full print, red or black rubber for the other side. 

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Whether you play ping pong for a local club and looking for the perfect paddles for you and your team to use which matching designs or looking for a paddle to buy for a friend who recently got into ping pong, we hope these paddles are perfect for your needs!

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