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90th birthday cards

Make anyone feel even more special on their 90th birthday with a personalised card that you can customise to include your own text. Celebrating a 90th birthday is a massive celebration and you will want to give them a card and gift that they will really appreciate. This range of 90th birthday cards can be personalised by you so you can add any name and message you wish. From beautiful floral birthday cards to photo cards that you can customise to include all of your own favourite photos.

On many of these 90th birthday cards you are able to personalise the text on the front, inside and even on the back allowing you to add as much text you wish. Whether that’s saying a simple ‘happy 90th birthday’ to leaving a thoughtful, sweet message saying why you love and appreciate them.

Many of these personalised birthday cards are available to be printed on a variety of card sizes and you can choose the type of paper that your design will be printed on. Not only can you personalise these cards but you can also design your own birthday card by editing one of the product templates, ideal for creating the perfect card to give to someone to celebrate their 90th birthday. Check out our birthday party invitations section for personalised invitations that are ready to be edited by you too!

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Birthday cards for a 90th