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Birthday party hats

Birthday party hats are fun to have at any birthday party, especially personalised designs that includes the birthday persons name or age. From 1st birthday party hats to personalised hats to celebrate someone’s 40th birthday, we’ve featured below personalised party hats that are ideal for adding your own text to. With hat designs that would be great for either him or her, these birthday hats can be personalised by you so you have full control over what text to include along with the choice to change the font that has been used as well as the text colour and size.

Whether you wish to include the age of the person to just having their name, the options are endless on what text you wish to include, all you have to do is choose your design from the collection below and simply customise. You buy these party hats in packs so depending on how many hats you will need for the party, you will save on price per hat. Find more birthday supplies on our website that ranges from personalised paper plates to birthday party decorations which includes many popular themes for parties whether its for him or her.

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Birthday party hats

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