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Wedding gift tags

So you have your wedding gift to give to the happy couple but what about gift wrapping? Gift tags are a great way to let someone know who the gift is for and for you to add a sweet little message like ‘congratulations!’ or ‘thank you’. These wedding gift tags ranges from a mixture of designs from gift tags that are perfect to attach to your wedding gift to attaching a ‘thank you’ gift tag for you to send to your wedding guests who made your day even more special.

All of these personalised gift tags can be customised by you. From adding the couples names to a thoughtful message sending them all of your love. Edit the wording on your chosen wedding gift tag design and you can also update the font that has been used as well as the text size and colour if you wish allowing you to create the perfect gift tags for weddings.

You will see a collection of lovely gift tags that you can choose from ranging from many popular wedding themes and the gift wrapping supplies don’t stop here. Why not check out our wedding gift bags post for a range of personalised bags that are ideal for giving your wedding gifts in!

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Personalised wedding gift tags