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Post It Notes

Leave notes on your colleagues desks to writing down notes to remind yourself of things that you will need to do, these post it notes will come in very handy for many reasons and with a range of designs to choose from, all can be personalised by you, you are sure to find the perfect post it note designs for you to use daily. Looking for office supplies to use at work or are you in need of post it notes to keep around your home to use to note down your to dos? Post it notes are popular to use for many reason and we’ve featured a range of designs that have been created to be simply personalised by you. From adding a name or initials to your post it notes so someone knows who the note has come from to designs that have been created for teachers.

We’ve featured a handful of personalised post it notes that are ready for you to customise and buy from Zazzle today! Find more office supplies including personalised clipboards to notepads that are also customisable and you can choose from a range of unique designs that have been designed by amazing designers.

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Personalised post it notes

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