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19 Unique Page Boy Gifts

Searching for the perfect gift to honour your page boy’s role in your special day? Look no further! This collection of page boy gifts offers a delightful array of options, that includes practical to personalised gifts. Whether your page boy is your own child, a family member, or a friend, these gifts are designed to commemorate his significant role in your wedding.

Many of these page boy gifts can be personalised meaning you are able to add a personal touch to a variety of products. This can be simply adding his name to adding a heartfelt message to show your love and appreciation.

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Page boy gifts ideas

Personalised yoyo

Personalise this yoyo with 4 lines of text. 

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Personalised socks

Choose the wording you would like on this pair of socks and customise with his name. These socks are available in a variety of sizes. 

By: MoodyMollyCrafts
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Personalised Sweet Jar

A sweet jar filled with sweets for him to enjoy! With a comic style label, personalise with your page boys name and a message. 

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Personalised page boy teddy bear

An adorable personalised teddy bear for your page boy. Add his name on the teddy bears t-shirt. The teddy bear comes in a personalised drawstring bag. 

By: DaniellaLoves
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Personalised cuddly toy

Choose the style of cuddly toy you would like from a few options including a teddy bear, dog, cat, dragon and more. 

By: thepersonalisedmum
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Personalised Retro Sweet Mail Order Box
A box filled with retro sweets for him to enjoy! Personalise the box that these sweets come in to make unique for him.
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Page boy Proposal Gift Set

Choose the items you would like in this proposal kit and personalise for your page boy. 

By: PongsArt
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Personalised car

Add the role he will play in your wedding along with the wedding date to create a lovely little gift for him. 

By: pjshawtoys
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Page boy teddy bear

Holding a blue heart that reads ‘page boy’, this teddy bear would make a cute gift for him. 

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Personalised acrylic keepsake

Personalise with his name and a message to let him know he is the best page boy. 

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Page Boy Wooden Train And Track In A Bag

With a choice to add his name to the wooden train, this adorable gift is sure to make him smile. 

Buy From Not On The High Street

Personalised Heart Tin

Personalise the design on this tin and the wording to make it perfect for your page boy. 

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Personalised dinosaur print

Personalise with your page boys name and who this gift is from. This cute print would make a thoughtful way to say thank you to him. 

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Personalised Page Boy Money Box

A wooden personalised money box for your page boy that you can customise with his name and your wedding date. 

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Personalised ceramic page boy gift

A thoughtful way to ask him to be your page boy! Personalise this keepsake gift with his name and the bride and grooms names. 

By: BeeCreativeOnline
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Personalised Dinosaurs Water Bottle
A dinosaur patterned water bottle that you can add your page boys name to.
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Personalised Children's Alphabet Mug

A fun and colourful mug for kids, simply choose the colour you would like and enter in their name. One side of this mug has an initial with their name on the other side.

Buy From Not On The High Street

These page boy gifts include many personalised gifts which are perfect for adding his name or a message to as well as buying in another size, style or colour. On Your Ideal Gifts you can find a variety of other gifts for kids including gaming gifts for kids as well as wedding guest gifts for other members of your member party including the bride and groom parents to flower girl gifts.

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